"Rassun Gorerai"tte nan desu no?

RASSUN GORERAI! Eh eh, nante? Rassun gorerai, rassun gorerai, rassun gorerai, setsumei shite ne!
Being surrounded by Japanese teenagers 11 hours a day the phenomenon of Japanese pop culture is kind of inevitable to come across, and I've been shown so many things that I couldn't remember the names of if I tried (okay, maybe if I tried, but I'm not THAT interested in all of the craziness). Lately some of my closest friends have been singing this song and taught me some lines, and after going home and doing some research I sat down and listened to it and after a while I somehow found myself being able to sing along.... I've tried to sing some lines in the precense of other people to see what reaction I would get, and EVERY person have joined in. So since this seems to be a thing here I thought that hey, why not share some j-pop culture with everyone else. So here peeps, have some magic. (Oh by the way, this song basically makes as much sense to the Japanese as it does to everyone else. It's just a mess of weird things and it's a lot of fun!!)
It being the end of February I'm also closing in on the end of my no-Swedish month! It hasn't been that hard up until now, but these last few days I've actually missed speaking Swedish. I'm perfectly fine with Japanese and English but it feels weird not having formulated Swedish sentences and not having read Swedish writing or anything. But all in all it has been a good break from it and from everything going on over there (since I haven't read any news or watched any programs I have basically no idea about what's going on, I found out a few days ago that Melodifestivalen has started....), and I've been able to focus more on Japanese. So I'm kinda patting myself on my shoulder now, good job Johanna. Muchos bien. (I know I know I know the grammar is wrong, it's Johanna-spanish)
I haven't really had any routines in school for a while, this last month has been weird and a lot of different things have been going on so the schedule has differed a lot from what it usually looks like. I like it this way, it keeps my mind more clear and makes the days not-as-blurred-together! We've had some days off from school for different reasons (most of them being that it's closing in on graduation for some students which means a lot of tests which for some reason means that everyone else get's to stay home from school when the tests are held. Why? Beats me) and today was one of those. So I went downtown with one of my best friends here, Yumi, and we went around in stores and talked and talked and ate lunch at what I think is my favorite restaurant here. I haven't brought my camera with me to places for a while but today I did and I documented some of our adventurous adventures. So, enjoy the pictures I guess!
This store is one of the craziest stores to find in Kumamoto, and we have quite a few weird ones. It just has a lot of things out of which a lot of it doesn't make any sense, which makes it a really funny store to walk around in and you always find something new. I think the store is called Village Vanguard but I'm not 100% sure....
Moving on.....
This restaurant serves Japanese food, or washoku as they say here (western food is youshoku), and it's just amazing. Just amazing. I could live on gyudon.
After having eaten Yumi took me a to a place that I didn't know existed before, and I'm really happy that I know about it now. It wasn't exactly a library but had that kind of vibe (and it also had a lot of books), there were couches you could place yourself in comfortably with a book or to take a nap, and it was very calm and quiet and just a really nice environment. On the third floor in a building in the middle of the city!! So they had this little room you could go into and look through a small glass window, and behind the glass was this. I don't know why it was there but I loved it, super cool.
The place also had a shop, and I loved it too. It was kinda artsy and they played jazz music (which by itself makes me happy) and had a lot of cute things to look at and wish were in your possession.
Swedish things appear more often that you'd think and I always get excited about it.....
Waiting for the bus!
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#1 - - Mamma:

Hahaha, helt galen sång, men jag snappade upp lite Carola......
Åh, mickey, mickey hej.......

#2 - - Lina:

Heej! Du har säkert fått denna fråga förut, men pratar du japanska med folk i din omgivning hela tiden eller använder du engelska? Hoppas du har det bra!

Svar: Jag pratar i princip uteslutande på japanska med folk i min omgivning, dels för att jag inte vill prata engelska för att det ger mig en känsla av att jag ger upp, men mestadels för att de flesta här inte kan tillräckligt bra engelska.... Det är väldigt effektivt för språkinlärningen när man mer eller mindre tvingas hålla sig till det språket man pluggar, men det är definitivt utmanande!
Johanna Wennergrund