At the zoo

Okay, first I'm going to start of by making an... announcement? Something of the sort, perhaps. So, as I've said before somewhere, (might not have been the blog) exchange students are all about challenges, and I guess I'm no exception. So I've made the decision to cut out on Swedish completely during February and also cut down on English (music, youtube etc), just to kinda surround myself even more with the language and culture here and let go of the "west world" for a while. Yes, I know that it's not February yet, but ever since I made this decision I've been feeling my Swedish slowly slipping away from my system... Like, it's not that I'm forgetting how to use it, but rather that my mind doesn't connect to it the same way anymore. As an example, when I was sitting down to write in my little notebook diary thingy (which I do quite often) last week I just started writing in English without noticing it and then when I thought of switching back to Swedish it just didn't work out with my brain and so I just kept the English going. And I guess that's why I'm writing in English now. Well, that, and that I've been requested to write my blog posts in English by a classmate lol. (HEY MANAE!) I apologize on beforehand for the grammar mistakes and weird usage of this language that will occur, don't hate me.
And oh, this is going to be a long post. Just as a little warning. 
SO. Guess what. In only a few days I've been here for half of my exchange. Or well, in a few days I've been here for exactly five months. So much has happened during these months and I'm kinda impressed that my mind hasn't gone mad yet from everything that's been going on.... The thought that half of my time here now is in the past isn't exactly the happiest ever, but I put my focus on everything that I'm going to do while I'm still here and on that I will be back for the long run in the future.
These past two weeks or so have been quite calm! I have studied, run more than I have ever done before (it just happens that we have running in p.e which we have three times a week, plus that I run three kilometers two times a week with my club) and also hurt my knee which stopped my running for a week... I also feel like I have become more social with students that I don't know in school! Not a lot has been going on but I've still had a good time and enjoyed the... calmness? So to speak. 
Today, however, was to say the least eventful! I... Well, I went to the zoo. Here in Kumamoto. With some friends. AND BOY DID I HAVE FUN. I took quite a lot of pictures and as I've done before I'm gonna let them do most of the talking! I just want to start off my saying that I had such a fun day and laughed so so so much, I'm so thankful for my friends here in Japan and these girls are soooooooo much fun!! 
OKAY OKAY OKAY LOOK THEY HAD A RHINO!! I thought I would die when I saw it. I've been wanting to see one for forever and just ahhhh. 
AND A TIGEEEEEEER!! However, I have to add that I really don't approve of how the animals were kept at the zoo, with small spaces and not really anything like their real habitat around them. I had expected that before I went there and unfortunately it proved to be true. 
Here, have some Kumamoto
I don't know why but this bird cracked me up. We walked past it like four times and every time I saw it and it's comrades I just bursted out lauging like nothing else. It was sooooo hilarous
Anyone who knows what this animal is called?? I've seen it before but I can't remember it's name
Two girls from our school were also at the zoo and even though none of us really knew them they offered to take a picture of us, so sweet!!
"Johanna, you, kangaroos, NOW!!!!"
 After having spent a few hours goofing around at the zoo we continued on to the bus stop to go downtown and do some shopping and eat dinner. And while trying to find the bus stop, we took the chance to goof around some more....
The drink I'm holding is just the best thing ever, it's called Calpis and I think that it's a Japanese drink which will make it very hard for me to get a hold of it in Sweden.... sob
So I took these pictures in a hurry and they're very blurry but I just wanted to show you what downtown looks like. I just love this place
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